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Nails not only help protect fingers but are also one of the factors that help enhance the beauty and personality of a woman. But nails are very easy to break, damaged by daily tasks. Please refer to the sharing in the article below to always have a strong and beautiful nails!

Nail salon 78613 | I Spa Nails | Cedar Park, TX 78613 | The best nail salon in Cedar Park, TX 78613

Inner nail care
Just like hair, nails and toenails are also mirrors that reflect your health status. Dry, cracked nails indicate that your body is "tired" and lacks one or a few nutrients, such as calcium, some minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium, ...) and vitamins of the group. B.
So what else do you hesitate? Adjust your diet! Cereals, almonds, walnuts, fish and shellfish (shrimp, crab, ...) are foods rich in calcium and vitamins of group B, XX.
In addition, you should actively drink milk and, drink water and dairy products to supplement the necessary minerals. Drinking enough 2 liters of water a day helps keep the body healthy, and also ensures enough water supply for nails. Water is just as necessary for nails as it is for skin and hair.

External nail care
Soak nails in olive oil
Olive oil can be considered a "panacea" for nails. For those who have soft and weak nails, easily scratched - broken nails, it is necessary to soak nails in olive oil or apply a layer of olive oil on nails for 15-20 minutes a day for 1 month continuously. After 1 month, just do it 2 times a week to make sure the nails are always strong.
Wear gloves when doing housework. When doing household chores such as washing clothes, washing dishes, cleaning .. should wear rubber gloves. Gloves will greatly reduce the impact of external forces on the nails, helping to limit nail damage .
Avoid repeatedly painting your nails: Constantly painting and removing nails will cause the water on the nails to be lost and the nails to be brittle . Only remove nail polish twice a month and avoid bleaching with acetone because this substance is very harmful to nails.
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Nail salon 78613 | I Spa Nails | Cedar Park, TX 78613 | The best nail salon in Cedar Park, TX 78613